A versatile mini CNC mill perfect for small workshops

mini cnc mill

X7 CNC Machine

A small CNC machine to cut through the toughest materials

small cnc machine


A new industrial CNC machine model with cutting-edge tech
Launching mid 2023

industrial cnc machine


The ultimate industrial CNC machine

cnc milling machine

SYIL CNC machines – when you want the absolute best


CNC milling machines you can rely on

SYIL's CNC machining creates the best quality milling machines to cut, drill and bore all types of materials quickly. We collaborate with the top CNC machinery component suppliers such as SCHNEEBERGER, THK, and SIEMENS.


Easy to use and install CNC machinery

SYIL’s easy to operate CNC machinery ensure your work is always completed efficiently. We provide easy to install, manage, and maintain CNC machines. Now you can quickly complete all types of work in less time.


Cost-effective CNC solutions

We strive to make sure you can afford the necessary milling machinery for your company. We are a well-established high-end manufacturer in mainland China, integrated with a lean supply chain organization.

Customer Stories


Dward Design is a maker of bespoke titanium bicycle components.  All made with SYIL. "The SYIL has been solid and dependable in titanium, stainless, and aluminum.”


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Dward Design

United Kingdom


"The SYIL has made scaling my business possible. Industrial controls in a compact CNC machine package, the SYIL delivers quality at an affordable price, simply perfect for my needs."


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Le-Plus Solutions



GT Scientific LLC is our customer in Hawaii: "Industrial controls in a compact package, the SYIL delivers quality at an affordable price perfect for my needs."


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GT Scientific

United States


"I think... SYIL is the best personal CNC mill. With ATC 10 position is perfect for small workshops, and it is a heavy precise machine for a good price."


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