• Price of a CNC Machine

    How much a SYIL CNC machine cost depends entirely on the type of machine. So to get to learn the price of a CNC machine, we kindly ask you to select your desired type of CNC machine below. Then configure your CNC machinery with desired options. We then email you your custom price of a CNC machine from SYIL. You can also already check the starting CNC machine price for each model on this webpage and learn we are the affordable CNC machine maker!


    Note that all SYIL machines are made in China. Prices include shipping from China to Canada (CIF any port of Canada). Depending on your address in Canada additional shipping & handling fees may apply. All prices displayed are in Canadian dollars and exclusive of local Canadian GST.

    SYIL X5 Price

    5 Series

    $12,500 Starting price

    SYIL X7 Price

    7 Series

    $18,999 Starting price

    SYIL T3 Price


    $48,750 Starting price

    SYIL T5 CNC Machine Price


    $51,750 Starting price

    SYIL V650 CNC Machine Price


    $54,750 Starting price

    SYIL V750 CNC machine cost


    $56,500 Starting price

    SYIL 850 CNC machine cost


    $57,250 Starting price

    SYIL 855 CNC machine cost


    $60,500 Starting price

    SYIL CNC V1060


    $67,500 Starting price

    SYIL CNC V1160


    $68,500 Starting price

    SYIL CNC V1370


    $87,500 Starting price

    SYIL CNC 1380


    $93,900 Starting price

    SYIL CNC 1580


    $98,500 Starting price

    SYIL Lathe SY-AEX250


    $15,900 Starting price

    SYIL Lathe SY-30


    $23,900 Starting price

    SYIL Lathe SY-42


    $84,900 Starting price

    SYIL Lathe SY-42V


    $85,500 Starting price

    SYIL Lathe SY-50


    $31,900 Starting price

    SYIL Lathe SY-50X


    $32,900 Starting price

    SYIL Lathe SY-70


    $33,900 Starting price

    SYIL Lathe SY-106


    $55,900 Starting price

    SYIL Lathe SY-106i


    $42,900 Starting price

    SYIL Lathe SY-108


    $63,900 Starting price

  • How Much Does a CNC Machine Cost?

    To show you the price of a CNC machine, we use our in-house configured quote calculator. It works as follows:

    Step #1: Enter your contact details

    Kindly understand we ask your contact details as part of our aim to serve you in the best possible way. We conduct a strict privacy policy and we are committed to protecting any personal information that you provide us. We will never sell, share, or rent any information provided here with third parties.​​

    Step #2: Configure your machine

    On the quotation page, you have the possibility to select your desired CNC machine, as well as to add several options. In order to calculate the CNC machine cost, we need this info from you. So please pay attention when filling out the form.

    Step #3: Check your inbox

    Once you have clicked the button "Get Instant Quote", our quotation engine will generate the price of a CNC machine and within 30 seconds you receive an email from us containing a clickable link. Click the link and your CNC machine price will show up. Your question: How much does a CNC machine cost? is answered now! You can also easily download and save the quote as a PDF. A few days after you have received the CNC machine price, one of our friendly staff from SYIL Canada will connect again to see how we can serve you.

  • FAQs about the Price of a CNC Machine

    All prices displayed are in Canadian dollars and exclusive of local Canadian tax. Prices include shipping from China to Canada (CIF any port of Canada). Depending on your address in Canada additional shipping & handling fees may apply.

    CNC machine price list

    SYIL's product line stands for affordable quality. We offer a range of CNC machines. Our machines are built to order and shipped from China directly to customers worldwide, including Canada. How much does a CNC machine cost? is our most asked question. Instead of providing a complicated CNC machine price list, we decided to serve you instantly with our instant CNC machine price calculator. These are the simple steps to take. Select your desired type of CNC machine from the slider below. Take it from there by clicking the Get Pricing button. A new tab will open where you can configure your machine to your requirements. Within 30 seconds you have your bespoke CNC machine price in your inbox. It is just that simple!

    How does our price compare to a Haas CNC mill price or a Tormach CNC mill price?

    People often expect China is the go-to destination when you are looking for a cheap CNC machine. If you are looking for a cheap CNC machine, our quotes will probably disappoint you. SYIL's aim is to serve you with affordable CNC machine tools, meaning a device with a superb price/quality level.

    Can you send me the complete CNC machine price list?

    In addition to our range of SYIL machines, we can tweak and customize CNC machine tools to your individual needs. If you have a request for a tailor-made or OEM solution, kindly fill out the form here.

    What does the price of a CNC machine include?

    SYIL machines are mainly built to order. The CNC machines are shipped from our warehouse in China directly to your place. All our worldwide shipments are completed with freight forwarding companies. They are familiar with all the details of shipping, customs clearance, port operations, and local delivery in your company.

    How long will my CNC machine price remain valid?

    Your machine will be delivered in a box. After you remove the box you need to mount the device on a stand or desk. The CNC machine can be lifted using the eyebolt on the top of the column, or by using the thru holes in the base. The machine has also been developed and manufactured to allow disassembly, although user disassembly does have warranty consequences, so please review the warranty before any disassembly.

    Do you offer CNC machine financing solutions?

    At this point we do not.

    I am looking for a low cost cnc milling machine.

    If you are just look for a cheap milling machine, probably SYIL is not your best choice.

  • SYIL: the Affordable CNC Machine Brand

    Affordable CNC mills: The SYIL X5 and SYIL X7

    SYIL X5 Price

    SYIL X5 Price

    $12,500 Starting price

    Our most affordable CNC machine. The CNC machine price for the SYIL X5 includes the machine, shipping and duties. No suprises!

    SYIL X7 Price

    SYIL X7 Price

    $18,999 Starting price

    The SYIL X7 really is a great machine that exceeds expectations. The SYIL X7 underlines our positioning as a maker of affordable CNC mills.

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