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    SYIL is a global leader in affordable CNC machines.

    We welcome you to contact SYIL Canada.

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    We service our customers in Canada with a local touch. Feel free to contact SYIL Canada, the Canadian sales office of the #1 China CNC Machine Manufacturer!

    125 Don Hillock Dr #6
    Aurora, ON L4G 0H8
    (905) 717-3988
  • Sales & Support: SYIL Canada

    From China, we reach out to the world. We are proud to service customers worldwide for more than ten years. To give our Canadian customers the support they need, we have partnered with Yuh-Dak North America Inc.​ who operate SYIL Canada. So feel free to connect with Ben and Sebastian. They are at your service nationwide!

    Canada Sales Office

    SYIL Canada

    p/a Yuh-Dak North America Inc.​

    125 Don Hillock Dr #6,

    Aurora, ON L4G 0H8


    Business hours

    Mon - Sun 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
    Canadian Eastern Standard Time

    Contact person

    (905) 717-3988 or (661) 803-6299


    Ben Suen - email ben@syil.com

  • Manufacturing: SYIL China

    All our CNC machines are made in China. Be noted we do use imported parts from top tier brands like SIEMENS. Over the years, SYIL has grown into probably the #1 China CNC Machine Manufacturer. SYIL currently has three CNC factories and a large in-house R&D center.

    Factory information

    • Address: 20#, GaoFan Road, Yuyao, Zhejiang, China
    • Telephone : +86-574-62735995
    • Email: info@syil.com

    Visitor our factories

    You are most welcome to visit us in China. Please contact in advance.

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